Combining technological history and production with online black history archives to create an installation that increases accessibility to black history while commenting on the stigma that black innovation is analogue or cultural happenstance. 

Design Considerations

1. Reinterpretation, Adaptataion, Reinvention. (appropriating technology)
2. Is graffiti still graffiti if it's in a museum? When we carve out these spaces, do they ruin the integrity of the process? Are the activities no longer intended or genuine? (sekou cooke)
3. In the tension between digital and analogue, a lot of the time blackness was seen as analogue. (ray fouche)

Inputs vs. Outputs: laser cutter limitations and adaptations

The shallow depth parameter strictly determines the materials allowable. There is a distance between input and output: simple input, and complicated, irregular output based on material surface adaptation and laser speed control settings. 


Hip-Hop Architecture
Assist. Prof. Sekou Cooke, 
500 Level PE Seminar
Fall 2017