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Through an analysis of Steven Holl’s Sarphatistraat, I extended its design principles forward to form a 30’ bay of a common language. It was most challenging to develop a facade that epitomizes Sarphatistraat’s seemingly random design strategy, while still being extremely logistical. A well worked iterative process results in a facade that supports program potential at an urban and residential scale.

Phase II applies the gathered understanding from Sarphatistraat’s facade, and introduces David Chipperfield’s EMV School Housing as precedence to mediate the redundancy that often comes with necessary and equal fenestration for dormitories. The project occupies the South end of an existing dormitory and dining hall, with specific program requirements. At the street level, the underpass compliments the existing condition’s geometries, allowing continuous flow to and from old and new. 

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The bay exists from both an iterative model series and then a drawing depth study. The models help with line work, color fields, material suggestion and shadow application.

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Shaw Hall Dormitory + Dining Addition

Professor Randall Korman
Fall of 2014, 4 Week Design Project